Nature is our Lab

We know that nature is the way, and with our scientifically-backed insights we will continue to bring to you the highest quality products sourced from around the world.

We do what we do because we know how important it is to achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals. Our products are sourced from growers and producers who are not just business partners, but fellow humans on a mission to transform the way we view and achieve health.

The Team

Our team of advisors is a diverse group of leaders, engineers, scientists and experts in gene and cell therapy, innovator biologics, bio therapeutic proteins, mRNA derived manufacturing and biosimilars.

Mehrdad Haidari

Founder & Managing Partner

Mehrdad, coming from a generation of farmers and a finance background, founded a produce export company in California that has worked with some of the largest farmers in the US distributing produce across the world. Mehrdad sources the highest quality ingredients available on the market for Nature Gains products and has brought together a team of experts to craft leading innovative formulations that are transforming the industry benchmarks.

Ramy Al-Abed

Research and Development

Ramy has a background in systems engineering, product development and project management. He designs and implements innovative and effective process systems to manage schedules and deliverables in the pharmaceutical industry.

Omid Shirazi

Legal & Tax Compliance

Omid has practiced for both the public and private sectors for over 12 years including co-founding K&S Law Group. He is licensed under the State Bar of California, the US Central District Court (federal) the US Tax Court (federal) and is also a certified public accountant. He draws from extensive experience working with businesses, individuals and professionals on a range of complex issues.