Improve Recovery

Increased Recovery 

The recovery process is just as important as the actual workouts you do. When you push muscles beyond their typical level, it creates tears in the tissue. When this tear is repaired, this is what creates muscle growth.

If the muscles aren’t given a chance to recover, no gains will be present in terms of muscle mass. It can also create reduced muscle strength. This can make it more challenging to get through a workout and can halt progress.

Having time between workouts reduces the risk of injury, but some supplements are also made to speed up the recovery process. 

Supplements can enhance and support muscle protein synthesis. Others can aid recovery in the way of reducing muscle soreness. For example, our Natural Anabolic Complex helps quickly rid the body of lactic acid and speeds the recovery process.

Using the supplement will help prevent long-term muscle soreness. It can also cut down on muscle fatigue and give muscle cells the needed energy to keep going through recovery.

In addition, some of the ingredients help with injury recovery. This provides the needed nutrients to your body used to repair muscle damage.

Ecdysterone is a plant-based ingredient that helps with increased muscle recovery, for example. In addition, it increases protein synthesis and helps with preventing hyperglycemia, obesity, and insulin resistance.