Increase Muscle Mass and Strength

Increased Protein Synthesis

Many of the ingredients in our Natural Anabolic Complex work to increase protein synthesis in the body. For instance, one study on phytoecdysteroids shows an increase of 20% in protein synthesis. 

The study also indicated an increase in grip strength, which shows that ecdysteroids can help with strength. The protein synthesis is made through stimulation of the PI3K pathway.

Different exercises will have unique effects on protein turnover in the body. For instance, endurance activities will decrease skeletal muscle protein synthesis while increasing the amount of muscle breakdown.

When it comes to muscle building, protein synthesis is essential. Therefore, a person with a higher protein synthesis level will also have faster muscle mass growth and muscle recovery.

The Natural Anabolic Complex increases protein synthesis, which means that your muscles are built upon. The lack of muscle breakdown helps prevent loss of muscle mass.

When you prevent amino acids from being removed from the body, the supplement assists with muscle growth by allowing synthesis and development at the same time.

Increased Strength

As someone who wants to increase strength and build muscle, the Natural Anabolic Compound is made for you. It contains a variety of ingredients for those who want improved performance, size, and strength.

While proper stress management, sleep, training, and diet will offer some results, it isn’t enough for athletes who want to be the best. Supplements are the ideal way to increase your strength to the highest level.

Tongkat Ali is one example of an ingredient that ensures you improve your strength to participate in high-caliber competitions. It’s proven to offer an extra performance edge by increasing body fat loss, promoting lean mass, improving performance, and improving grip, isokinetic, and upper body strength.

This ingredient, and all others in this supplement, are safe for use by amateur and professional athletes. In addition, it can be used by football players, bodybuilders, MMA fighters, cyclists, and others who undergo serious training sessions.

Tongkat Ali works with the other strength-building properties of the ingredients in the supplement to ensure top performance. It’s often included in supplements, but can also be an ingredient in food or used as part of a pre-workout beverage.

Retains Natural Status

The final significant benefit of the Natural Anabolic Compound is that it lets you remain in a natural state. Natty refers to bodybuilders who do not use performance-enhancing drugs. This includes items like human growth hormone, anabolic steroids, diuretics, and insulin.

All the ingredients in our supplements are natural and will leave you looking natural. In addition, it is not banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). So, when you use natural supplements, you aren’t going to look as if you are using illicit substances.

Each of the Natural Anabolic Substance items is safe to use and will not make you look exaggerated or prevent you from entering competitions that you are interested in. Therefore, you can maximize your potential without side effects like being shunned from sports and competitions you are interested in.

The combination of these substances offers synergistic effects for recovery, muscle building, and fat burning. The supplements include compounds like Ecdysterone and Turkesterone that act like testosterone in the body.

Other compounds naturally boost the actual testosterone in the body and use a novel pathway to reduce the blockage of new muscle building.

Final Thoughts

Are you prepared to start making a massive change in your life? If you are ready to get the results you deserve from all the time you spend in the gym, our Natural Anabolic Complex can help. Then, when you are prepared to move forward, NatuRoids can get you started immediately, taking advantage of many muscle-building substances.

Our Natural Anabolic Complex is entirely natural and stands up to all the other options on the market. So, when you select our products, you can be sure you are getting the best available supplements. When you’re ready to start seeing the changes you want, you’ll want to use our NatuRoids products.