Ecdysterone Supplements

The Basics of Ecdysterone

Ecdysterone is the main compound found in spinach extract. It is a phytosteroid that occurs naturally in plants, and it can provide some nice benefits to those who opt to use it as a part of their workout regimen. It offers some advantages that are unheard of with most supplements. A study out of Germany examined how ecdysterone worked to help boost muscle strength and athletic performance.

The study and others like it have shown that there is substantial potential with ecdysterone. It has been found to be more potent than other steroids, including those that have been banned in sports. What does this mean? It means that ecdysterone could be a good supplement to add to your life.

What Makes Ecdysterone a Good Supplement to Consider?

Quality ecdysterone products can change up the body to create an internal environment that helps build muscle strength, size, and endurance. Those who take ecdysterone, such as our NatuRoids, will find that it could help to increase overall muscle mass, which is ideal for those who are looking to put on some muscle.

However, the supplement can also help to reduce the amount of fat on your body, making the muscles you have look bigger and more defined. The ecdysterone increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, which means you will have more stamina. You can do more reps, and you will recover faster. Faster recovery is essential for building muscles.

Another one of the reasons that taking ecdysterone capsules can be a good option and far better than steroids would be the cost. The ecdysterone products are affordable. You can get a bottle of the pills that are good for a month or longer for far less than the cost of illegal steroids.

These capsules provide you with benefits that are similar to the results from steroids. Some feel that the benefits are even greater than those offered by steroids even before considering all the side effects, such as gynecomastia, heart damage, kidney and liver damage, acne, etc.

Doesn’t Ecdysterone Have Side Effects?

You are probably wondering about the side effects of ecdysterone. After all, if it has the potential to provide results comparable to or better than steroids, there must be side effects. However, that’s just not the case, and this is one of the best things about ecdysterone. It is all-natural and entirely without side effects. It comes from spinach, after all.

Because there aren’t any side effects of ecdysterone, people shouldn’t have a problem trying it. However, there is a caveat here. You want to be sure that you are getting high-quality, pure ecdysterone products. You don’t want to opt for a manufacturer that has a bit of ecdysterone in the capsules with the rest being just filler and other supplements.

If you aren’t getting a formula that has a simple set of ingredients, you will find that it could contain “extras” that could cause different types of side effects. When you choose to buy and use NatuRoids ecdysterone products, you will find just three ingredients—ecdysterone (600 mg), L-Leucine (600 mg), and spinach leaf extract (200 mg).

You might be wondering about L-Leucine. It is an essential amino acid that is used for a range of cellular processes including protein synthesis. This will help your body to better synthesize and properly use the protein you are eating. It can help to increase the amount of muscle mass.

Who Should Take Ecdysterone?

One of the common questions involving ecdysterone is who should take the supplement. The answer is that just about anyone can take the ecdysterone if they would like. Ecdysterone is not harmful, and it won’t increase toxicity in the kidneys and liver. Teens and adults, men and women alike, will not have any issues when they are taking NatuRoids and most ecdysterone.

However, as discussed above regarding side effects, if the ecdysterone products are mixed with other harmful ingredients, they shouldn’t be taken. Always make sure that you are buying your supplements from a reputable company and that you are getting pure, concentrated ecdysterone.

What is the Right Beta Ecdysterone Dosage?

When you are taking NatuRoids, just how much should you be taking? Typically, the best way to ensure you have the biggest gains would be to take four of the capsules each day. However, you do not want to take them all at the same time. Instead, you should spread them out to one every six hours if possible. This will ensure that you always have some ecdysterone flowing through your system, providing your body with what it needs to create the ideal environment for building muscle and strength.

Get the Most from the Beta Ecdysterone Dosage with the Right Lifestyle

Something that you need to keep in mind when you are taking ecdysterone is that you can’t expect great results if you don’t work for them. Just because you are taking a great supplement doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t providing your body with the stimulus and the other ingredients needed to build a stronger, leaner, better body.

For some, this will mean changing their current lifestyle. You can’t simply eat anything that you want, and you can’t neglect working out if you hope to see results. While it’s true that the supplement can do a lot, it can’t do everything for you.

Therefore, you will want to exercise at least five days a week when you are taking the supplement. Additionally, think about the food and drinks you are putting into your body. You want to have healthy food. Stick to water and not soda. Have fresh fruits and vegetables and be sure to each plenty of protein. You need that protein if you want your body to synthesize it and turn it into massive biceps, flexing pecs, and ripped quads.

Additionally, you need to be sure that you are giving the supplement time to work. There is evidence showing that it is possible to see and feel amazing results in less than two weeks. One study found that participants had a 10% loss of fat and a 7% increase in lean muscle. However, it’s better to look at this supplement for longer periods of use to get the best results.

You can use the ecdysterone products for a period of 10 weeks, which is the length of the German study mentioned earlier. You will find that you not only start to feel different and stronger, but you will begin to see some real changes in the way you look.

It’s a good idea to take some pictures when you start using the supplement and compare those photos to new pictures at the end of the first month and each month going forward. This provides you with your own physical evidence of your journey to more strength and better health.

How to Choose the Right Ecdysterone Products

With the popularity of ecdysterone on the rise, you can imagine that there are countless ecdysterone products on the market. With so many options, how can you be certain that you are choosing the best? It comes down to the ingredients that are used. You will want to choose a supplement that has as few ingredients as possible. You don’t want fillers in the ecdysterone capsules. These fillers are a waste in many cases. Other times, they might have their own side effects.

NatuRoids contains just three ingredients. We have ecdysterone and L-Leucine, which were used because this was what was in the German study. Our goal was to replicate as closely as possible what was used in the study group that had the biggest gains. We also added spinach extract, which has been shown to suppress lipase activity, which will lead to an increase in hormones that reduce appetite.

This means our products can provide muscle-building capabilities while helping you lose body fat. Simplicity and quality are the keys when you are searching for the right ecdysterone products to start using. We are proud of our offering—NatuRoids—and we believe it’s the best option available when you want real results.

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It’s all-natural, and we have the best option on the market today. We have a 95% ecdysterone concentration—the highest in the United States. When you choose our ecdysterone products, you can be sure you are getting only the best. If you want to achieve your body goals, make it a point to start using NatuRoids.