NatuRoids is Purity Tested while Competitors Have Less than 1% Purity

If you someone who takes their fitness seriously, then you’ve probably heard of a substance known as ecdysterone. This is being touted as the new miracle ingredient and can be found in many health and dietary supplements. While some might dismiss ecdysterone as just another fitness fad, the truth is, ecdysterone really works. 

There’s nothing new about ecdysterone; in fact, it has been used by Russian athletes since the 80s. But, it is only until recently that ecdysterone has had the spotlight shine on it for its many health benefits that are mostly fitness related. Here, we are going to take a look at why ecdysterone matters and why you should only use NatuRoids, which offers you with the purest form of ecdysterone available in the market today. 

Ecdysterone is a naturally occurring hormone that is found mainly in certain plants. The hormone is used as a natural defense mechanism and basically protects the plants from being eaten by insects and animals. Some studies have also found ecdysterone in certain insects, which may have been transmitted in them by eating the ecdysterone containing plants. 

Ecdysterone is fast become the go-to option for fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their workouts at the gym and gain more muscle, and also by professional athletes who are looking to improve their performance. But, one of the main reasons what sets ecdysterone apart from conventional steroids or other substances is that it does not come with any of the well documented side effects that are found in traditional anabolic steroids or other substances. This makes ecdysterone a great choice for all those who wish to get all of the benefits of traditional anabolic steroids, without any of the side effects. 

This is where products such as NatuRoids comes in. NatuRoids is a revolutionary new product that infuses ecdysterone with other top-quality ingredients to ensure that you are able to get the most bang for your buck. Unlike other supplements, which contain ecdysterone that have been extracted from insects, NatuRoids only contains ecdysterone that has been harvested from plants, which makes NatuRoids not only healthier but also safer to use. 

Furthermore, NatuRoids has gone through multiple quality tests to ensure the purity of ecdysterone it contains. Independent testing suggests that NatuRoids contains ecdysterone that has a higher level of purity as compared to other supplements containing ecdysterone. This makes NatuRoids the best choice for taking advantage of all the goodness of ecdysterone. 

NatuRoids is a premium quality product that allows you to get all of the benefits of ecdysterone, whether you are a fitness enthusiast looking to gain more muscle mass or an athlete who wants to improve their performance. To find out more about this product, please feel free to visit and purchase our premium product NatuRoids today.

4 Reasons You Should Try NatuRoids

Many athletes and fitness-conscious individuals use steroids and other supplements to increase muscle strength and mass. While some do so to improve their overall appearance, others take this road in the hope of improving their physical performance. Whether you are looking to use steroids to feel energetic and confident or simply want to boost the speed of your muscle-growth, NatuRoids might be the ideal choice for you.

Using these steroids can help decrease your recovery time dramatically. When your body is under a lot of stress, NatuRoids might help regulate the production of cortisol in your body and speed up recovery time for muscle trauma and injuries sustained, helping increase your stamina when you exercise. While reduction in body fat, increase in red blood cell production and alleviation of symptoms of various medical conditions are all potential benefits of this drug, following are four amazing reasons as to why you should give NatuRoids a try today:

Plant Steroid

NatuRoids are plant steroids that constitute of a diverse group of natural ingredients. One main ingredient of this product is the natural plant sterol, FRAC, also commonly referred to as ferulic acid. This ingredient is known to help your body maintain greater workloads, induce hypertrophic growth of skeletal muscle, and increase muscle mass.

No Side Effects

When it comes to steroids and supplements that help with muscle growth, one major concern of customers are the side effects that come with the drugs. NatuRoids are steroids made with natural ingredients and therefore don’t come with many side effects. Further, this product is not banned by International Governing Bodies, unlike many in the same marketplace! Therefore, if you are looking for a safe way to build some healthy muscle, NatuRoids might just be the right choice for you.

Natural Steroid

NatuRoids is manufactured using natural ingredients that offer a wide range of benefits. Dibencozide, an ingredient of this compound is a natural co-enzyme that helps enhance both the disposal of carbon dioxide and transport of oxygen in the body, enabling it to perform more efficiently. Moreover, boron and ferulic acid are also two of the key ingredients of this biologically active, energy-enhancing, natural steroid. If you have been searching for an all-natural option to boost your muscle-building abilities, your search ends here! 

More Effective than Some Banned Steroids

Unlike other illegal and banned steroids available in the market today, NatuRoids offers way more effective and faster results.

We hope that with all the aforementioned information on why you should give NatuRoids a try, you found something worth your while. Visit today to buy NatuRoids and enjoy the incredible health benefits they have to provide!

10 Reasons to Build Muscle the Healthy Way

As we age, it becomes more and more difficult for us to build muscle and maintain it too. In fact, most people start losing muscle in their early thirties. Further, people who are physically inactive can experience a major reduction in their lean muscle mass from then on. This might be due to the decreasing levels of estrogen in women and testosterone levels in men as they grow older. Both of these hormones play a major role in helping build muscle. However, muscle loss doesn’t have to be permanent.

There are certain types of exercises that you can perform and drugs you can inject to build muscle. While you might not realize the importance of these practices at the moment, with time you’ll understand how muscle-growth plays an essential role in helping you enjoy a healthy life. Along with improved balance, strengthened bones and weight loss there are various reasons to build muscle in a healthy way.

Strengthens the Tendons, Ligaments and Bones

Resistance training helps build up the core strength, improving coordination and balance and strengthening tendons, bones and body ligaments. This in result can help prevent broken bones and sprained tendons.

Gives Your Body the Desired Shape

Practicing muscle-growth exercises can help you lose weight and gain muscle, giving you that fit and toned look, and the confidence you always desired.

Helps Increase Metabolic Rate

While the fat cells in your body store energy, the muscle cells use it. Therefore, when you gain muscles, the energy requirement of your body is increased and in result your metabolic rate gets increases, causing your body to burn extra fat.

Improves Mood

Like all other types of exercises, building muscle the healthy way can raise your endorphins circulating levels, which not only helps improve your mood but also boosts your energy levels.

Makes It Easier to Perform Day-to-Day Tasks

If you know anything about building muscles, you must be well aware of the fact that it can help you increase your strength. Have you ever needed help to move a few cartons or struggled to open a jar? Once you start with your strength training regimen, you’ll enjoy independence like never before! With the improved strength, you will be able to do things on your own that you formerly required help with.

Decreases Risk of Disease Development

Since building up your muscles with resistance training helps improve your conditioning and fitness levels, it also has a positive impact on your overall health. People who exercise regularly are less prone to diseases. Physical activities incorporated with a healthy, balanced diet can help you stay healthy and fit for a long time!

Lowers Your Risk of Injury

Since muscle-building exercises can help strengthen bones, tendons and ligaments, they eventually contribute to minimizing the risk of injury that might occur during training, sport competitions and simple everyday activities.

Makes You Stronger and More Coordinated

Resistance training helps make the nervous system more efficient, allowing you to not only lift heavy things with ease but also coordinate your movements in a better manner. 

Helps Keep the Weight Off

Muscle-building exercises such as cycling, running and walking are well-known to help increase the amount of calories you burn in a single day, causing you to shed a few extra pounds. 

Offers Cardiovascular Health Benefits

According to recent studies, muscle-strengthening activities help improve blood pressure levels. Therefore, it is highly recommended to perform muscle-growth exercises at least twice a week to help lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and reduce hypertension.

Now that you are well aware of all the benefits of building muscle, you have all the more reason to get started right away! Along with adding resistance training to your routine, it might be best to also take healthy steroids such as NatuRoids to boost your performance and enjoy more efficient results! Visit our website today to know more.

3T’s of NatuRoids

The term cheating and unfair advantage automatically follow the term steroid, especially in the fitness and sports industry. After years of research, almost all sports organizations eventually banned the use of steroids for performance enhancements because of their long-term side effects. 

But science and technology aren’t known to be quitters, and the human ambition to recreate natural phenomena knows no bounds either. Where health professionals were pressing for the banning of synthetic steroids, a team of Russian scientists was researching a natural steroid, Ecdysterone, which soon became the main component of NatuRoids.

About NatuRoids

Steroids are essentially hormones that the body naturally produces to perform essential functions of the body. Some steroids have medicinal benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and speeding up muscle and bone recovery. Other steroids have performance and image enhancements properties that allow you to build muscle mass. 

NatuRoids fall in the second category, which is why there are many rumors surrounding their use. Performance and image enhancement drugs have been banned due to their potential long term health effects. 

However, NatuRoids are natural steroids, high in Ecdysterone concentration, that provide all the benefits with none of the side-effects. Ecdysterone is often dubbed as the “Russian Secret” and rightfully so too. Russian scientists have been researching the compound since the 1980s, and it has only recently found its way to the mass market.

Its absence from mass retail markets is also why there wasn’t a ton of research available ten years ago. However, a German-based team of researchers conducted an in-depth analysis of the use of natural steroids and their side effects.


A German-based research team researched a group of fitness trainers and athletes. The team divided the volunteers into four groups and monitored the changes in their physique. 

One group took two capsules of natural steroids with training. The second group took eight capsules with training. The remaining two groups received no training but took two and eight capsules per day, respectively. 

After ten weeks of regular administration, group 1 and group 2 significantly increased overall weight gaining 2.85kgs and 3.1 kg, respectively.

The group administering the steroids without training did not gain much weight or increase muscle mass.


The results were shocking enough for the scientists to push for the banning of natural steroids and extracts containing Ecdysterone. They even suggested that spinach extract must be included in the WADA’s list of prohibited substances as it is rich in Ecdysterone. 

However, further research and tests showed no signs of toxins present in the volunteers. Tests run on the kidney, and liver functioning also showed no trace of harmful toxins or possible side effects on the organs.

Natural steroids did not increase testosterone levels in the body, nor did it increase blood pressure, which are two of the main side effects of steroid intake. 


NatuRoids are the ideal solution for all bodybuilders and athletes who want to give their performance a boost. The research has proved claims of it being a naturally occurring substance that does not alter the body’s natural mechanism but speeds up the muscle-building process naturally. 

In fact, research has also found that NatuRoids create better-looking muscles. Synthetic steroids do not enhance the fat burning process if the body, thus producing flabby looking muscles, whereas natural steroids produce firm and round muscles that are visually very appealing.

NatuRoids – The Best Solution

If you want to enhance your appearance and give your performance a boost, NatuRoids is the way to go. You don’t have to worry about side effects or illegal use as they are entirely safe, tried, tested, and true for more information on dosage visit


5 Health Risks Associated with Synthetic Steroids

There are many controversies surrounding the use of anabolic drugs for performance and image enhancement. After almost 50 years of going back and forth regarding their use, all sports organizations across North America have agreed to ban their use. The decision was fueled primarily by the health risks of using synthetic anabolic steroids.

   1.Increased Risk of Stroke

The primary risk associated with the use of synthetic anabolic steroids is the increased risk of myocardial infarction. Often the use of such performance and image enhancing drugs is followed by a restricted diet. The two combined are known to prove incredibly dangerous for cardiovascular health.

Regular use of anabolic steroids can dramatically increase cholesterol levels in the body as well as increase blood pressure. In some cases, it also leads to an enlarged heart and increased blood clotting in the veins. All these become the reason for an increased risk of strokes.

A study published in the US National Library of Medicine evaluated reported heart attack cases in young and middle-aged body-builders in the past 20 years. The findings of the research attest to the claims of increased cholesterol and blood pressure level among regular synthetic anabolic steroid takers.

   2.Kidney and Liver Damage

The same study also provided substantial evidence for the use of steroids leading to an increased risk of kidney and liver damage. Since the liver is responsible for steroid clearance, it is at risk of damage and developing tumors, hepatocellular adenomas, and hepatitis. Prolonged steroid use can also increase the risk of liver cancer, especially in males.

Similarly, continuous or irregular steroid use can also potentially cause kidney damage or kidney failure by messing with the normal functioning of the body.

   3.Mental Health Side Effects

Anabolic steroids often lead to heightened paranoia, which leads to heightened aggression. In some cases, aggressive reactions become physical and potentially life-threatening. Heightened feelings of jealousy and irritability are the most common side effects.

Prolonged intake can also lead to severe depression and turn a person delusional, which is incredibly dangerous. It can lead to panic attacks, which are not only life-threatening for the patient but also those around them.

   4.Health Risks in Males – Prostate Cancer

Synthetic anabolic steroids can lead to severe sexual dysfunction in men. Prolonged usage of the performance and image enhancing drugs can drastically reduce sperm count and increase the risk of prostate cancer. Their use also induces hair loss and can lead to baldness.

Because synthetic anabolic steroids mess with the natural hormones present in the body, some users have also experienced side effects such as the development of breasts. In some severe cases, it can also lead to a shrinking of testicles. What is worse is that reversing these side effects is next to impossible in most cases.

   5.Health Risks in Females – Ovarian Cancer

Women who use anabolic steroids can suffer the side effects of increased testosterone levels in the body. The most common side effects include the growth of facial hair and the deepening of the voice. They also become susceptible to sexual dysfunction and can experience an enlarged clitoris.

Prolonged use can also mess up or completely halt the menstrual cycle in women, which leads to various other health issues in the body, including the increased risk of ovarian cancer. In fact, they also run the risk of going bald and may even notice decreased breast sizes.

A simple solution is to switch to natural steroids with anabolic characteristics such as Ecdysterone. The use of the drug does not alter the body’s hormone level, nor does it produce toxins as it is a naturally occurring substance. For more information on natural steroids, visit

NatuRoids: The Natural Advantage Of Ecdysterone

If you are interested in improving fitness or your performance as an athlete, then you may have come across Ecdysterone. This naturally occurring agent is being touted by fitness professionals as the best novel, natural anabolic agent to not only increase your muscle strength, but also improve your athletic performance. Here, we are going to take a look at what all the fuss is about. 

There’s a reason why more and more health and fitness supplements are starting to include ecdysterone in their formulas. Ecdysterone is a powerful compound that is being pushed as a sure-fire way of building a more athletic body or improving athletic performance. While all this is going to take some work, researchers have found that using ecdysterone does give you that much-needed edge when it comes to building muscle. 

Contrary to popular belief, ecdysterone is not only found in insects but is also a compound that exists in many plants. Plants use it as a natural defense mechanism, which is what makes ecdysterone a naturally occurring phytochemical. 

The Future of Supplements is Here

Enter NatuRoids. This cutting edge product contains all of the goodness of ecdysterone, the powerful compound that, according to the research, can help people maximize their gains and reach the epitome of their genetic potential. What makes this novel, naturally occurring substance better than the rest is that it is not only extremely effective in helping build muscle mass but is also safe to use. 

That’s right; ecdysterone can give you the edge you need when building muscle mass or improving your athletic performance in sports, without having the need to bother about any side effects. To date, there have been dozens of studies that have been conducted on ecdysterone and its benefits, and none of these studies indicate any side effects of using the substance. This is a far cry from what can be said for traditional steroids, which come with many serious side effects that end up doing more harm than good. 

Since the active ingredient in the health supplement NatuRoids is ecdysterone, you can rest assured that you are not going to have to deal with any of the side effects that are associated with using many other health supplements and over-the-counter steroids and drugs. The all-natural formula that is used in developing NatuRoids gives it the definitive edge against the competition when it comes to using a combination of all-natural ingredients that have been combined to deliver scientific-proven benefits without any side effects. 

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or high-performance athlete, NatuRoids is a premium quality product that allows you to get all of the benefits of ecdysterone. To find out more about this product, please feel free to visit and purchase our premium product NatuRoids today.

NatuRoids: A Natural Supplement With Only 3 Ingredients

Nowadays, health and dietary supplements are easily available online and at brick and mortar drugstores. Supplements can be bought in tablet, liquid, and powder form, depending on your preference. Some of the most common types of supplements include vitamins and minerals and herbal products. These natural supplements are considered to be a vital component for those who are required to deliver a top level of performance. 

Whether they are professional athletes or regular gym-goers who are looking to get that extra edge in their workout, using these ready-made natural supplements can significantly help in helping boost your body’s immune system and giving it the extra vitamins and essential nutrients and minerals that it needs to perform better. 

However, the easy availability of health supplements, coupled with the fact that there are virtually dozens of brands to choose from, can make it harder for people to find the right natural supplement for their needs. Since most dietary supplements make the promise of being the best option for you, choosing one can really be a tough nut to crack. 

As a rule of thumb, whether you are a professional athlete or someone who is just looking to gain some weight in the form of muscle, going natural is always going to be your best choice when it comes to supplementation. 

Enter NatuRoids

The main selling point in NatuRoids is, without a doubt, ecdysterone. This is a naturally occurring compound that is mainly found in plants, which use it as a natural defense mechanism to protect themselves from animals. Ecdysterone is also found in certain insects who use it to carry out certain bodily processes, and is also one of the main reasons why ecdysterone is often referred to as “bug juice.” 

What really sets ecdysterone apart from all the rest is that it is considered to be a natural alternative to traditional anabolic steroids. The main ingredient in NatuRoids is ecdysterone, which has proven to be better than anabolic steroids when it comes to building muscle mass in bodybuilders. Other health benefits of using ecdysterone include certain performance improving properties, which makes it a great option for professional athletes as well. 

NatuRoids uses a unique formula that brings together the goodness of ecdysterone along with two other ingredients that have been tested and proven to have positive effects on the human body, which mimics that of anabolic steroids but without any of the nasty side effects which often accompany steroids. The formula has been used for more than 20 years and is tried and tested to offer the best results, which makes NatuRoids the most valuable natural supplement available in the market today for performance-enhancing and muscle building. 

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or high-performance athlete, NatuRoids is a premium quality product that allows you to get all of the benefits of ecdysterone. To find out more about this product, please feel free to visit and purchase our premium product NatuRoids today.

The Fastest Way to Recover from Exercise isn’t Milk; it’s Ecdysterone

For decades now, health professionals and even athletes have endorsed the use of milk. There are also many athletes who swear by the positive effects of drinking milk after a workout or tournament for a speedy recovery. Based on its nutritional profile, milk or dairy products seem to have all the nutritional benefits one would look for in a healthy diet, from essential vitamins and minerals to other nutrients that are useful for the growth and development of the body. 

However, that doesn’t mean that milk is the be-all-end-all when it comes to recovering from exercise. From the evidence that’s been found, there seems there’s a new kid in town, and it’s called ecdysterone. But first, let’s take a quick look at why milk is not always a good idea if you are looking to recover quickly after a workout. 

Lactose intolerance refers to a state where a person’s body is not able to digest the sugar content that’s present in milk. Lactose is the name of the type of sugar that is found in milk and other dairy products. Those people who are lactose intolerant can experience what is called lactose malabsorption. Symptoms of lactose intolerance include, bloating, gas, and diarrhea. But, more importantly, it can hinder an athlete’s ability to get the benefits that milk has to offer. 

Furthermore, another reason why milk is not the best option for professional athletes who are looking for a speedy recovery after their workout sessions is because some proteins take longer to digest, and milk is known to contain some of the slowest digesting proteins. 

Since it is difficult for the digestive enzymes located in our stomachs to break down the proteins, it results in slow digestion, which defeats the purpose of getting access to the healthy nutrients you need for a fast recovery.

Enter Ecdysterone…

On the other hand, ecdysterone is considered to be far more efficient when it comes to helping athletes attain a fast recovery after each workout. For those of you who do not know, ecdysterone is a compound that is found in plants, who produce it as a natural defense mechanism that protects them against insects. People have been used ecdysterone as a medication for quite some time now. Today, ecdysterone is being touted for its many health benefits that are focused on muscle building and for improving the performance in athletes. 

There are also further studies that suggest that using ecdysterone results in a faster recovery time for athletes as compared to other drugs, supplements and even the use of dairy products, which makes ecdysterone the new miracle drug for athletes who need a faster recovery without any side effects. 

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or high-performance athlete, NatuRoids is a premium quality product that allows you to get all of the benefits of ecdysterone. To find out more about this product, please feel free to visit and purchase our premium product NatuRoids today. 

This Hormone is Untraceable in Urine Tests

It is common for athletes to go through drug tests before a tournament. These tests ensure that the athletes have not used any steroids or other illegal substances to gain an advantage over the other participants. It also ensures that all athletes have a level playing field on which they can compete fairly. 

The first drug test that was conducted on athletes took place during the 1966 European Championship, a couple of years later, the International Olympic Committee implemented drug testing for both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Since then, countless athletes have had their drug tests come up positive either due to using steroids or other banned substances or even using foods, beverages, or supplements that contained an ingredient that imitates the effects of various banned substances. 

This can spell bad news for any professional athlete who hasn’t really used a banned substance or steroids to gain an edge illegally but is still found guilty and stripped of their chance of competing. Worse, these athletes can be stripped of their titles if they won. While the steps taken by the IOC and other sports governing bodies have had a positive impact on the overall games and have resulted in fairer results, there is a flipside to these tests. 

It is not unheard of for athletes to test positive for a particular banned substance, even though they did not use it. That’s because these tests are not yet full-proof, which means if you happen to have taken something that even resembles the chemical structure or is said to lead to an outcome that’s similar to a banned substance, that could be enough to land you in hot water. This is the reason why many athletes fear going through the process of urine testing for the simple fact that their tests could come up positive for an illegal substance, even though they did not use it. 

Luckily, the solution is an easy one. Ecdysterone is an active ingredient that is found in many health and dietary supplements, especially those that are used to help athletes build muscles or increase their performance. But, there’s another advantage of using ecdysterone as well. According to research, it has been found that athletes who use ecdysterone containing supplements pass their urine tests, which means, unlike steroids and other banned substances, ecdysterone does not show up in doping tests. This has made ecdysterone the go-to choice for many athletes who are looking to increase their muscle mass or improve their performance without having to bother about their doping tests coming out positive, which could cost them the game. 

If you are an athlete, then NatuRoids is a product that should be right up your alley. NatuRoids is a premium quality product that allows you to get all of the benefits of ecdysterone. To find out more about this product, please feel free to visit and purchase our premium product NatuRoids today. 

Meet NatuRoids: A Natural Dietary Supplement For Muscle Growth

The use of dietary supplementation is common in the weightlifting community. Whether you have just started hitting the gym, or are an avid gym-goer or professional bodybuilder, dietary supplementation makes up a big part of your everyday routine. But, with so many health and dietary supplements available in the market today, choosing the right one can really be a tough nut to crack. Over the years, more and more fitness enthusiasts are moving from taking steroids and other harmful substances to natural supplements. 

When it comes to natural supplementation that’s specifically made for bodybuilders, one of the first names that comes to mind is ecdysterone. This naturally occurring hormone is being considered as the new miracle supplement for bodybuilders, and rightly so. 

While ecdysterone has been around for a while and athletes have been using it for its benefits since the 1980s, recent research suggests that ecdysterone has certain muscle-building properties, which makes it especially important for bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts. 

Ecdysterone is a naturally occurring hormone that is found mainly in certain plants, which use it as a natural defense mechanism to protect them against insects. There have been many studies on the potential benefits of ecdysterone, which suggest that it contains muscle building and athletic performance-enhancing properties. The latest studies that have been carried out on ecdysterone has also revealed that it can be useful for faster recovery. 

As mentioned earlier, due to the popularity of ecdysterone, there are many health supplement brands that claim to contain ecdysterone. But, one of the best options available in the market is without a doubt, NatuRoids. This is a revolutionary new product that offers a safer alternative to taking conventional supplements or other banned substances to gain muscle mass. NatuRoids contains the naturally occurring plant-based hormone in its purest form, which means that you do not have to bother about quality. 

Also, since NatuRoids contains ecdysterone that’s been extracted from plants, it is the safest and most natural supplement available in the market today. If you are looking for a natural supplement that’s safe and gets you the advantage of traditional supplements and anabolic agents, but without any of the side effects, then NatuRoids is your best bet.  

Because of the high level of quality that NatuRoids offers along with its all-natural ingredients, NatuRoids is a great way for fitness enthusiasts to gain more muscle quickly, as well as for athletes who are looking for a healthy and safe way to improve their performance and shorten their recovery period. For all those who are interested, NatuRoids is a premium quality product that allows you to get all of the benefits of ecdysterone, whether you are a fitness enthusiast looking to gain more muscle mass or an athlete who wants to improve their performance. To find out more about this product, please feel free to visit and purchase our premium product NatuRoids today.