This Hormone is Untraceable in Urine Tests

It is common for athletes to go through drug tests before a tournament. These tests ensure that the athletes have not used any steroids or other illegal substances to gain an advantage over the other participants. It also ensures that all athletes have a level playing field on which they can compete fairly. 

The first drug test that was conducted on athletes took place during the 1966 European Championship, a couple of years later, the International Olympic Committee implemented drug testing for both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Since then, countless athletes have had their drug tests come up positive either due to using steroids or other banned substances or even using foods, beverages, or supplements that contained an ingredient that imitates the effects of various banned substances. 

This can spell bad news for any professional athlete who hasn’t really used a banned substance or steroids to gain an edge illegally but is still found guilty and stripped of their chance of competing. Worse, these athletes can be stripped of their titles if they won. While the steps taken by the IOC and other sports governing bodies have had a positive impact on the overall games and have resulted in fairer results, there is a flipside to these tests. 

It is not unheard of for athletes to test positive for a particular banned substance, even though they did not use it. That’s because these tests are not yet full-proof, which means if you happen to have taken something that even resembles the chemical structure or is said to lead to an outcome that’s similar to a banned substance, that could be enough to land you in hot water. This is the reason why many athletes fear going through the process of urine testing for the simple fact that their tests could come up positive for an illegal substance, even though they did not use it. 

Luckily, the solution is an easy one. Ecdysterone is an active ingredient that is found in many health and dietary supplements, especially those that are used to help athletes build muscles or increase their performance. But, there’s another advantage of using ecdysterone as well. According to research, it has been found that athletes who use ecdysterone containing supplements pass their urine tests, which means, unlike steroids and other banned substances, ecdysterone does not show up in doping tests. This has made ecdysterone the go-to choice for many athletes who are looking to increase their muscle mass or improve their performance without having to bother about their doping tests coming out positive, which could cost them the game. 

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