How To Take Ecdysterone

Ecdysterone is a naturally (and abundantly) found in Arthropod (animals/insects with an exoskeleton), which helps them with molting. It also occurs naturally in some plants, as a defense mechanism against pests. Even though humans (as mammals) lack the particular receptor that manifests Ecdysterone’s true potential in the body, studies have shown that it can help with increasing the muscle mass and increases muscle strength. It was observed that the athletes, who took supplements, including Ecdysterone, had increased one-repetition bench press performance.

Several recent studies augment the findings that Ecdysterone can help athletes and bodybuilders, and can be used as a healthier and more effective replacement to many of the prohibited anabolic agents. How effective it is in lean muscle building and as a natural, performance-enhancing steroid might depend on how you take it. So let’s take a look at appropriate Ecdysterone dosages.

Ecdysterone Dosage and How to Take It?

The exact Ecdysterone dosage hasn’t been pinned down yet, and it varies with regards to the user’s age, health, current body mass, cardiac conditions, etc. So different users may find different dosages effective. One source claims that the typical range of the Ecdysterone dosage is 500-2000 mg daily. Now notice that it’s an extensive range and might effectively cover a wide variety of individuals with different masses and health/performance goals.

As per a case study published in 2015, the doses used by bodybuilders are typically 1000 mg per day. Another study that was conducted over a period of 10 weeks, and included 46 young males, used a supplementary capsule that contained 100 mg of Ecdysterone from Spinach extract. The subgroup that took the heaviest supplemental dose took eight capsules per day. This equates to about 800 mg of Ecdysterone ingestion every day. Another thing to note is that the analysis of the supplement later revealed that the dosage was significantly lower than that, as one capsule that was supposed to contain 100 mg of pure Ecdysterone, only had about 6 mg of the substance. 

Since participants of the study showed improvement in muscle mass and strength, it may be stipulated that Ecdysterone dosage as small as 48 mg per day (in its purest form), can have the desired impact. However, how most nutrition supplement makers quantify the amount of Ecdysterone in their supplements may not represent the exact amount of steroid hormone present in it. Hence most bodybuilders take somewhere between 500-mg and 2000-mg of the supplement. 

They took half of it in the morning after breakfast and a half in the evening on non-training days. On training days, they took the latter half of the supplement right after the training.

Ecdysterone is naturally found in many plants and green vegetables, like spinach, but it’s most commonly taken as capsules made with Ecdysterone, which is extracted from plants. Most sources claim that the best time to take it is after workout and exercise, and ideally with food. But we would recommend breaking down your Ecdysterone in-take in two parts. One half in the morning and the other half post-workout.


Although it’s natural and no major side effects have been found, it may not be equally safe for everyone. If you have a pre-existing condition, ask your physician before using it. Also, start with small dosages, maybe two 100-mg capsules a day. And gradually increase.