Ecdysterone: Uses, Benefits, Dose and More

If you are into health and fitness or are a professional athlete, then you might already know about ecdysterone. This is the new miracle-ingredient that can be found in an increasing number of dietary supplements that are available in the market today. Ecdysterone is a naturally occurring chemical that is found in plants and used to protect them against being eaten by insects. The hormone is also responsible for ecdysis, which is the molting process in arthropods. 


In sports, ecdysterone is mainly used as a natural anabolic agent for its ability to increase muscle growth and improve the level of performance in athletes. There have been scientific studies that suggest that the anabolic activity of this substance can be comparable to IFG-I and Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). 


What makes ecdysterone different from other traditional anabolic agents is that it carries out its anabolic effect by first binding to the estrogen receptor beta, which is a lot similar to the Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs). 

What makes ecdysterone unique is that it does not appear to increase the level of testosterone in the body. There have also been other claims that ecdysterone can also increase the production of erythropoietin (EPO) hormone from the liver and kidney, consequently helping improve endurance in athletes. 

Proven To Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Since the compound is synthesized in arthropods from dietary cholesterol, it is also believed that it can be useful in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Apart from improving athletic performance, it has also been proven that the substance is not only useful in helping decrease the level of cholesterol production in the body, but further research also indicates that ecdysterone is also beneficial in helping accelerate human metabolism. This means that the compound has more than one benefit. 


While taking any over-the-counter prescription medication or dietary supplements, one needs to be aware of the possible side effects and dangers of overdosing. This is why it is recommended that all those using ecdysterone follow the instructions that have been given on the label to stay safe from any unwanted side effects. 


Since ecdysterone is a relatively new substance, there is yet a lot of research to be done to find out the ideal dosage. But, that being said, the appropriate dosage is usually given on the label. Finding the right dose for you is also going to depend on many factors, such as your age, health, along with several other factors. Despite ecdysterone being a naturally occurring substance, it is always best to follow the exact dosage that’s been given on the label of the product you are using.  

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