Ecdysterone – A Natural Steroid With No Side Effects

Those who are interested in increasing muscle mass or improving their performance as an athlete might already be familiar with the name ecdysterone. Over the past few years, the substance has gained a significant amount of popularity amongst health and fitness circles, and for good reason. 

While ecdysterone has reportedly been used by professional athletes since the early 80s, it is not until recently that ecdysterone has finally been recognized for its benefits. This is the main reason why an increasing number of health supplements and performance-enhancing supplements contain ecdysterone. 

This has understandably raised some questions, such as, “what is ecdysterone exactly?” “Why is it considered as a natural steroid?” And the most important question of all, “are there any side effects?”

Here, we are going to find the answers to all of these questions revolving around ecdysterone.     

Ecdysterone – A Naturally Occurring Hormone

Ecdysterone also goes by the name 20-Hydroxyecdysone or 20E. What sets ecdysterone apart from traditional steroids is that it is a naturally occurring hormone that belongs to a family of Ecdysteroids.  These are basically arthropods steroid hormones which are responsible for carrying out a process in arthropods called “ecdysis,” which is a reason why it is also commonly called “the insect hormone.” 

Ecdysterone is also present in plants – plants which produce these chemicals as an internal defense mechanism to protect themselves against insects. Some examples of plants that are known to synthesize the hormone are asparagus and spinach. Ecdysterone is being touted as a natural anabolic agent that does not come with any of the inherent side effects of traditional steroids. Many researchers of Ecdysterone claim that this natural anabolic agent can be used to improve athletic performance, while other studies also suggest that using ecdysterone can increase muscle growth. 

Apart from these benefits, recent studies indicate that ecdysterone could also help delay the onset of fatigue and increase the speed of recovery in athletes. While there’s still need to carry out more experiments to get answers to the many questions surrounding ecdysterone use, it is already being used in some performance-enhancing supplements because of its efficiency in improving athletic performance. 

When it comes to the side effects, this is where ecdysterone seems to shine. According to multiple research studies, no side effects have been linked to the use of ecdysterone. Furthermore, no hormonal interactions have also been observed during these various studies. All this makes ecdysterone a great choice for those who are looking to improve their athletic performance or build muscle mass.   

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