5 Health Risks Associated with Synthetic Steroids

There are many controversies surrounding the use of anabolic drugs for performance and image enhancement. After almost 50 years of going back and forth regarding their use, all sports organizations across North America have agreed to ban their use. The decision was fueled primarily by the health risks of using synthetic anabolic steroids.

   1.Increased Risk of Stroke

The primary risk associated with the use of synthetic anabolic steroids is the increased risk of myocardial infarction. Often the use of such performance and image enhancing drugs is followed by a restricted diet. The two combined are known to prove incredibly dangerous for cardiovascular health.

Regular use of anabolic steroids can dramatically increase cholesterol levels in the body as well as increase blood pressure. In some cases, it also leads to an enlarged heart and increased blood clotting in the veins. All these become the reason for an increased risk of strokes.

A study published in the US National Library of Medicine evaluated reported heart attack cases in young and middle-aged body-builders in the past 20 years. The findings of the research attest to the claims of increased cholesterol and blood pressure level among regular synthetic anabolic steroid takers.

   2.Kidney and Liver Damage

The same study also provided substantial evidence for the use of steroids leading to an increased risk of kidney and liver damage. Since the liver is responsible for steroid clearance, it is at risk of damage and developing tumors, hepatocellular adenomas, and hepatitis. Prolonged steroid use can also increase the risk of liver cancer, especially in males.

Similarly, continuous or irregular steroid use can also potentially cause kidney damage or kidney failure by messing with the normal functioning of the body.

   3.Mental Health Side Effects

Anabolic steroids often lead to heightened paranoia, which leads to heightened aggression. In some cases, aggressive reactions become physical and potentially life-threatening. Heightened feelings of jealousy and irritability are the most common side effects.

Prolonged intake can also lead to severe depression and turn a person delusional, which is incredibly dangerous. It can lead to panic attacks, which are not only life-threatening for the patient but also those around them.

   4.Health Risks in Males – Prostate Cancer

Synthetic anabolic steroids can lead to severe sexual dysfunction in men. Prolonged usage of the performance and image enhancing drugs can drastically reduce sperm count and increase the risk of prostate cancer. Their use also induces hair loss and can lead to baldness.

Because synthetic anabolic steroids mess with the natural hormones present in the body, some users have also experienced side effects such as the development of breasts. In some severe cases, it can also lead to a shrinking of testicles. What is worse is that reversing these side effects is next to impossible in most cases.

   5.Health Risks in Females – Ovarian Cancer

Women who use anabolic steroids can suffer the side effects of increased testosterone levels in the body. The most common side effects include the growth of facial hair and the deepening of the voice. They also become susceptible to sexual dysfunction and can experience an enlarged clitoris.

Prolonged use can also mess up or completely halt the menstrual cycle in women, which leads to various other health issues in the body, including the increased risk of ovarian cancer. In fact, they also run the risk of going bald and may even notice decreased breast sizes.

A simple solution is to switch to natural steroids with anabolic characteristics such as Ecdysterone. The use of the drug does not alter the body’s hormone level, nor does it produce toxins as it is a naturally occurring substance. For more information on natural steroids, visit https://www.naturoids.health/.