3T’s of NatuRoids

The term cheating and unfair advantage automatically follow the term steroid, especially in the fitness and sports industry. After years of research, almost all sports organizations eventually banned the use of steroids for performance enhancements because of their long-term side effects. 

But science and technology aren’t known to be quitters, and the human ambition to recreate natural phenomena knows no bounds either. Where health professionals were pressing for the banning of synthetic steroids, a team of Russian scientists was researching a natural steroid, Ecdysterone, which soon became the main component of NatuRoids.

About NatuRoids

Steroids are essentially hormones that the body naturally produces to perform essential functions of the body. Some steroids have medicinal benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and speeding up muscle and bone recovery. Other steroids have performance and image enhancements properties that allow you to build muscle mass. 

NatuRoids fall in the second category, which is why there are many rumors surrounding their use. Performance and image enhancement drugs have been banned due to their potential long term health effects. 

However, NatuRoids are natural steroids, high in Ecdysterone concentration, that provide all the benefits with none of the side-effects. Ecdysterone is often dubbed as the “Russian Secret” and rightfully so too. Russian scientists have been researching the compound since the 1980s, and it has only recently found its way to the mass market.

Its absence from mass retail markets is also why there wasn’t a ton of research available ten years ago. However, a German-based team of researchers conducted an in-depth analysis of the use of natural steroids and their side effects.


A German-based research team researched a group of fitness trainers and athletes. The team divided the volunteers into four groups and monitored the changes in their physique. 

One group took two capsules of natural steroids with training. The second group took eight capsules with training. The remaining two groups received no training but took two and eight capsules per day, respectively. 

After ten weeks of regular administration, group 1 and group 2 significantly increased overall weight gaining 2.85kgs and 3.1 kg, respectively.

The group administering the steroids without training did not gain much weight or increase muscle mass.


The results were shocking enough for the scientists to push for the banning of natural steroids and extracts containing Ecdysterone. They even suggested that spinach extract must be included in the WADA’s list of prohibited substances as it is rich in Ecdysterone. 

However, further research and tests showed no signs of toxins present in the volunteers. Tests run on the kidney, and liver functioning also showed no trace of harmful toxins or possible side effects on the organs.

Natural steroids did not increase testosterone levels in the body, nor did it increase blood pressure, which are two of the main side effects of steroid intake. 


NatuRoids are the ideal solution for all bodybuilders and athletes who want to give their performance a boost. The research has proved claims of it being a naturally occurring substance that does not alter the body’s natural mechanism but speeds up the muscle-building process naturally. 

In fact, research has also found that NatuRoids create better-looking muscles. Synthetic steroids do not enhance the fat burning process if the body, thus producing flabby looking muscles, whereas natural steroids produce firm and round muscles that are visually very appealing.

NatuRoids – The Best Solution

If you want to enhance your appearance and give your performance a boost, NatuRoids is the way to go. You don’t have to worry about side effects or illegal use as they are entirely safe, tried, tested, and true for more information on dosage visit http://www.naturoids.net/Dosage-Info.php.